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Stress is ruling my life at the moment. The kind of not-knowing what is gonna happen kind of stress. I mentioned here that we had to go to SF. That was so my husband could get a CT scan of his chest. We still (one week later) don’t know what the CT scan found. I am not going to go into any more detail until we know what is really going on.

The trip to SF alone was grueling enough. It was a sunny bright day for the 5 hours down, then a motel, and wouldn’t ya know it? the pay-per-view was down!! Then 5 hours back into the light rain. I did get some photos on the way home of the Golden Gate and the bay, but haven’t even had time to upload them yet. I didn’t have the camera with me when we were waiting at Fort Miley – VA hospital, too bad as there is a beautiful view of the bay and Marin Headlands from there. I am sure there will be a next time. 🙁

Then we spent all day Thursday (the 11th- my birthday) in Eureka. We didn’t catch a movie but i did little shopping. We met with friends and had a wonderful Sushi dinner at Tomo’s in Arcata.

Friday i took more photos of the Catching Cactus display at the Farmers Market, again it will be awhile before these photos are uploaded, sorry.

Saturday was a Virgo-potluck at Benbow State Park, a nice gathering of folks. I only knew a handful of people there, but it was a good distraction.

Sunday found us once again at Benbow, this time at the Inn for a brunch with Russel’s Mateel Aikido school. The Benbow Inn is the ritsy-titsy place in these parts, as far as the brunch was concerned, i was not impressed. Again, lots of pics, to be posted later.

I think it was fortunate that there was so much going on last week, it helped to take the mind off all the ‘what ifs’ that are cropping up. Saturday somehow??? i strained the left hip muscle that rides over the top of the hip (I know i should look it up but hey, it hurts to just sit here and type this!). I am still in much pain. Pain killers don’t seem to have much effect, and they give me incredible indigestion which is almost worse than the pain.

I attempted to get in the truck today to go out to the land, but it hurts to sit more than to stand. 🙁
Russel isn’t sleeping well, had ‘pressure like a chest cold’ in his chest and a light cough (that is getting worse as time goes on). His doctor called yesterday to just say that the ‘ct report’ hasn’t been uploaded to the site, and he doesn’t know when it will be. He did say we may need to go down again, this time to see a chest specialist, if the CT scan doesn’t diagnois something.

Any way, I may not be here as much as I would like, for many reasons. There are still so many MT tweaks I want to do. And I want to get either Gallery or Mt photoblog going so there is some where to put all these pictures i am taking.

I find that when i haven’t visited the MT forums in 12 hours that I have pages and pages of threads to wade through! It is so busy over there! I like to keep up, it helps me learn, but I just don’t have the time right now. Just keeping the Cockburn Project caught up is about all I can muster at the moment.


Down Day

Well isn’t this the pits … it’s 100 degrees out again.

I didn’t sleep again last night and to add to it all my sinuses plugged up. Not sure why really, wrong food combinations? Sudden allergy onset? but needless to say this morning they started draining and draining and drianing… you get the picture.

We had to go to Eureka (again) so i took some benedryl and ephedrine… and have been totally out of it all day and still can’t breathe well in between the blowing. Sure hope this goes away as fast as it came in.

I hate losing days this way. It is such a waste of precious time.
I can’t think clearly so trying to work on code implementation is a joke. And it’s too hot to do anything outside.

Ok, sorry, I’ll quit whining now.



Yesterday we spent the day in Eureka, it is 60 miles north of here, the largest town around. It’s where the mall is, costco and most shopping is done.
I don’t usually enjoy being there, it’s on the coast, generally it is cold and foggy, and smelly, with pulp mill toxic spewing and low tide.
Any way yesterday was different. It was sunny and warm with a cool light breeze, and the air was actually breathable till late in the day. I took a few shots, the chance of us being there again on such a nice day is not likely.

Eureka waterfront

Eureka blue building near waterfront

Eureka pulpmill

Eureka boats and bridge

Eureka - Pelican in flight

It’s hot here again..100 today and yesterday.
The ‘bikers – Harley Run’ have taken over town with their loud rumblings. Tomorrow at least we will spend the day at the house in the hills, lots of work to do there, at least until the heat hits.

Do you ever feel as if there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do what needs to be done, not even mentioning, doing things you may just want to do.