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Road Spam

Recently while driving out to our land I spotted about a 25′ long piece of road spam. This is just the top portion of it:

Road spam on Briceland Road

The writing was in reference to a missing person here in Southern Humboldt county who is a very active pot activist, and Prop 215 (medical marijuana) advocate.

Chris Giauque Missing

He has been missing over 3 weeks now, and is presumed dead. For more info: North Coast Journal

If there is any possible chance you know anything about this case, please contact his brother Clint (707-822-4415) … if only to help alleviate the suffering of the family. (There is a $50,000 reward for information on what happened to Chris and who might be responsible.)

I did not know him, but still I am sadden and puzzled, and want to know where he is.

Last week one of our youth was also killed. This is a small community and things like this don’t happen often. The memorial is today. The killers are at large. Again I am saddened and angry.

Marijuana must be de-criminalized.