Whittemore Grove

Whittemore Grove borders the Eel River, and we drive through it daily to go to our land. It is an integral part of our landscape here in Southern Humboldt.

Whittemore Grove on Briceland Road

A big thanks to Stable Slopes Forever, for working to keep these trees protected.

Redwoods in Whittemore Grove on Briceland Road

So often in our busy lives and hurry to and fro we forget or neglect to take the time to stop and experience the redwoods. The other day when I was photographing the Road Spam, we took some time there.

Redwoods in Whittemore Grove on Briceland Road

I need to do this more often. Living in the wilderness sometimes means that I take it for granted. People come here from all over the world to see the trees and experience the North Coast. Our ‘commutes’ are what other people do on vacation! We live in beauty. I need to see it, instead of the chores that need to be done.