And then the sun came back!

And things are starting to dry up a bit. The road is holding its own for now, but here are a couple of pictures, which really don’t do it justice:

China Creek Road-Blue Slide Creek Road front slide 2006

The road is now only half that width, this was taken in the beginning of the storms.

China Creek Road-Blue Slide Creek Road front slide 2006

Over the side into the creek a river of mud. This is still moving slowly.

In a brief break ( a few hours) of the rains last month, I boxed up my computer and brought it out to our house. Finally… no more trying to commute to town to work. The road being what it was last month was really the deciding factor. I needed to have access.

I am working on several of my sites right now,
and also a new Flickr account. This will be an ongoing project as I want to move many of the photos I have on my other sites to this account. [ related post ]

Tuesday I have appointments in Eureka, and so we will make the day of it there. It’s been a long time since we went up, and I know we won’t get all the way through our lists.

I have an appointment later in month for the ‘trigger thumb’ problems I am having. The right thumb really hurts in the night and morning. Must get it fixed. Mousing isn’t really good for it and neither is typing. Also have an appointment with and ENT guy because my tonsils and throat are just plain messed up.

Doing the Blockbuster online thing.. it’s ok, their site is very very slow on this dial up. But it’s the only way to get movies now. I hope to get satellite tv and internet this summer and maybe then I will cancel the BB thing.

Been trading a lot of live Bruce Cockburn shows at BC_Live lately. Finally being able to use the computer whenever I want has made that possible. If you are a Bruce fan, go check it out.