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More Health Updates

Friday - 5 December 2003

Really, I am still here! Been to busy to think. Have spent many days and nights away from the computer, with many more to come, so I thought a quick update would be nice. ;-p On the VA-Russel illness front, all tests are good. No GERDs, but the pain and congestion in and around his […]

Frustration with the VA

Sunday - 16 November 2003

I really don’t believe this… but the last visit to the VA clinic could of easily been done over the phone! The main gist being, we were seeing a doctor in the ‘chest clinic’ and he ruled out anything being wrong there, and now we need to start over in the “GI clinic”. Well, a […]

Getting Ready for the Coming Rains

Tuesday - 11 November 2003

Today Russel finished insulating all our water pipes under the house. Tight crawl space under there, with his bruised rib and bad back, not really a good time, but good to have it done. I pulled all the dead squash and tomato plants out of the garden. Last weeks rain and coldness did them in. […]

Health Updates – Russel

Wednesday - 29 October 2003

Russel has completed the Prednisone therapy, the first 2 days off it he seemed better, then he had a terrible ‘pain behind the sternun’ attack. We really got worried and depressed that it was all for nothing … which I had been afraid of since the beginning, after all the Prednisone is only covering a […]

Good News – No News

Sunday - 12 October 2003

The short version of the visit with the doctors at the VA: – the chest xray that originally was read to ‘see a spot on his lung’ was either faulty or an infection that went away before the CT scan got done. – the CT scan was clear 🙂 – his lungs, heart, and airways […]

Packing for trip to VA

Tuesday - 7 October 2003

We finally have an appointment with the ‘chest clinc’ at Fort Miley VA hospital tomorrow (San Fransisco). We will leave here about 6:30am and go down. Russel had to make this appointment last week, after tiring of waiting for them to call and make one with us, which is their usual standard of operation. This […]

Moving On – Home Improvement

Saturday - 4 October 2003

Fire Update…and other stuff The fires have been contained, although they’re still burning and the smoke is still a major problem. We finally have an appointment for Russel to see a doctor at the chest clinic at the VA hospital in San Fransisco, Fort Miley. This is on Wed the 8th. Please pray for ‘good […]

and more no news

Monday - 22 September 2003

Where’s Patti? My favorite read has left!! Help… I miss you already. Please come back or tell me where you went! In my life there is still no news 🙁 We are being smoked to death by the Canoe Fires on the north coast of California. I am not sleeping well. But my hip pain […]