Good News – No News

The short version of the visit with the doctors at the VA:
– the chest xray that originally was read to ‘see a spot on his lung’ was either faulty or an infection that went away before the CT scan got done.
– the CT scan was clear 🙂
– his lungs, heart, and airways are goodM

They have no clue what the ‘pain behind the sternum is’ or why he has a cough. So they are treating the symptoms with Prednisone and Albuterol (inhaler) — (no he has never had asthma).

Google Prednisone sometime if ya really want to get scared! But it is a heavy anti-inflamentory, and the doctors hope the pain is an inflamation, so we will see if this works. Between the reaction to the prednisone and the vicodins for pain, he is a mess.

Time will tell the tale.
I won’t be near my computer for awhile, lots to do at the land. I will check email every few days is all.
Thanks for all the good thoughts as we work our ways through this healing.