Frustration with the VA

I really don’t believe this…

but the last visit to the VA clinic could of easily been done over the phone! The main gist being, we were seeing a doctor in the ‘chest clinic’ and he ruled out anything being wrong there, and now we need to start over in the “GI clinic”.

Well, a few choice words and some whimpering helped and he sped up the process that would of taken us another 3 weeks at least if not six. He speeded it up so much that we get to go down there 2x in one week!!

We leave on Monday, spend Monday night in SF, and then the appointment on Tuesday. This time he is scheduled for an Endoscopy and, just for fun, a colonoscopy 🙂

At least this time we may actually get a real diagnosis.

I am just completely fried with all this.

To add to the stress level, my Dad just called with the news that he is footing the bill for us to fly home (Michigan) for Christmas.
Now this is a good thing on one level, but it still takes a lot to get there from here. More on that later, after this last (I hope) trip to the VA.