More Health Updates

Really, I am still here!

Been to busy to think. Have spent many days and nights away from the computer, with many more to come, so I thought a quick update would be nice. ;-p

On the VA-Russel illness front, all tests are good. No GERDs, but the pain and congestion in and around his broncials persists. He hasn’t felt well now for over 5 months, not a happy camper for sure. The whole thing is stressing us to the max, just trying to keep on keepin on, ya know? Maybe more tests after the years end.

We leave for Michigan to visit Dad, and the rest of the family, on the 20th. We have e-tickets, which I have never used, so hope all goes well.
I am not a great traveler any more. Used to be, but now the thought of sitting on a plane for hours is just dreadful and will be painful.

The rare smile:

Russel Wisby 2003 Fort Miley overlook
Looking back at San Fransisco 2003