Moving On – Home Improvement

Fire Update…and other stuff

The fires have been contained, although they’re still burning and the smoke is still a major problem.

We finally have an appointment for Russel to see a doctor at the chest clinic at the VA hospital in San Fransisco, Fort Miley. This is on Wed the 8th. Please pray for ‘good news’ and something fixable.

After waiting the whole summer and not getting it done, our builder Alan finally agreed to come out to the land and hook the water up to the house and put in and hook up the propane hot water heater. We rushed out yesterday to get a bathroom vanity and top and faucet, as since he was gonna be there, it seemed prudent to have him put that into place at the same time.

What this means is… we will finally have a flush toilet!!! and hot/cold running water to the shower and a sink in the bathroom. This is really cool. It elevates the time spent there from ‘hi-end’ camping to a low budget motel. 🙂

The timing couldn’t be worse, as we leave Wed and i have to pack Tuesday, but he will be out Monday and Tuesday…and so it goes..

Today we go out and paint the bath room. Russel wanted blue, not my color at all, but we have settled on a pale sky blue for the whole thing and later i will come back with either darker blue accents or maybe deep violets/plums type accents. At this point it just needs to be done before the water is hooked up.

Russel is really not feeling well for most of the time now, so i will mostly be doing this. More later, and maybe pictures this week.

Last week one day i started trying to figure out what photolog package i really wanted to use, Amy’s or Gallery. No time to learn Gallery now, and i think i can make Amy’s guide work without using the tables as layout… if i have any spare non-crunch time i will be working on that.

I Learned how to run and action and batch process in Photoshop5, it’s what i have 🙁 which i needed to do cuz i have lots of folders full of photos and wanted something quick and dirty to get them to size, until i have time to really work the ones i want to keep and frame.