Packing for trip to VA

We finally have an appointment with the ‘chest clinc’ at Fort Miley VA hospital tomorrow (San Fransisco). We will leave here about 6:30am and go down.

Russel had to make this appointment last week, after tiring of waiting for them to call and make one with us, which is their usual standard of operation.

This whole ordeal has been filled with ‘people mistakes’ which have resulted in our not knowing what is going on, and not getting the treatments or appointments he needs.

Fortunately i have kept a log of all our contacts ..maybe that will help. If they still haven’t found the CT scan he had done on Sept 8!! tomorrow they will just send him up for one then.

I am so nervous. And Angry at the ineffecientness of everyone we have had to deal with so far. My god, its been 6 weeks since we have know something is WRONG. He is taking lots more pain killers as the ‘pressure-pain’ in his chest is increasing and he is coughing more.

I hope tomorrow we get some answers, what it is he has and how to deal with it. I swear to god i am not leaving there without that. No more, well we will do these tests and get back to you in another 2 or 3 weeks!

If I have to turn on really bad bitch mode to get results i will.