Health Updates – Russel

Russel has completed the Prednisone therapy, the first 2 days off it he seemed better, then he had a terrible ‘pain behind the sternun’ attack. We really got worried and depressed that it was all for nothing … which I had been afraid of since the beginning, after all the Prednisone is only covering a symptom, some kind of inflammation.

Well after that one really bad attack, there has been less pain, and some days no pain at all. The last couple of days he hasn’t felt anything like pain in that area.

That symptom, in Google, brings up ‘angina and heart attack’ and GERD, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, although he rarely has acid reflex or heart burn, he decided to stop eating some acid causing foods. That lasted about 2 days :), except for his black tea. Wouldn’t it be ironic if all this was caused by drinking 1 cup of China Black Tea (Good Earth Naturals) every day!!!

Any way he isn’t coughing, and not using the inhaler either. He is back at work and except for a very bruised rib from a student crunching him, he is in better shape than he has been for quite awhile. Frustrated though now as the rib is keeping him from his adult Aikido classes and he really misses that.

I walked Monday and Tuesday this week, we are having sunny warm (very warm (90’s) for this time of year) weather. Then I went to Curves on Monday, which I haven’t been too since May! But I did walk and swim almost daily this summer so I don’t feel to guilty. I have put on a few pounds though, stress related I am sure. Eating comfort food as we waited to see just what was happening with Russel.