Finally…going to get the MRI

We leave for the city (SF) very early on Thursday morning. Russel has a stress treadmill test at 1pm. The following day he finally gets the MRI. I am only hoping that this gives us a diagnosis. His pain has gotten worse, the pain killers less helpful, and the stress of it all is really getting us down.

I am trying not to play the ‘What if’ game. He is so strong and healthy in every other way that it seems this should be a treatable thing. I mean look at this smile.

Russel Wisby - taken in Michigan 2003

He has to be ok. Just give us something we can fix. Please.


2 thoughts on “Finally…going to get the MRI

  1. admin Post author

    darlene said: on monday – 2 february 2004 – 12:01 pm

    don’t put too much faith in conventional medicine – often fails, then you have disappointment to compound the pain. try reiki.

  2. admin Post author

    bobbi said: on monday – 2 february 2004 – 05:05 pm

    It may sound like I am, but really I’m not.. after all it’s taken months to get to this point.
    We have tried Reiki, acupuncture, acupressure, fasting, elimination diets, chiropractic, massage, praying… we can’t get a handle on what’s causing the pain, and so far neither has any conventional medicine. Wish us luck that we find a fixable thing for this pain. xx 😉

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