MRI Results – Nothing

There’s nothing wrong. The VA and AMA cannot find the source of Russel’s pain. There are no real indicators for any more tests, although we may get a bone scan. I think his doctor can’t think outside his little box, something is wrong, and it’s not in his head… the next step according to this guy is for ‘pain managment clinic’ which is bull shit.

We are frustrated. He is hurting. We have to find yet another avenue to go down. I am thinking .. just maybe… allergies? Or still something to do with his bronchials, although mentioning that to the doctor brought “there are no indicators for those kinds of tests” … what? coughing and chest pain, and a feeling of congestion in the bronchials doesn’t indicate a broncostomy or something??

Good news…we know his heart and lungs are good, if we believe what the test results have been.

Sorry to have taken so long to post back here. Life has just been busy, and the no news thing real answers and there for no real plan of attack to fix this pain have really taken us down.