Are you ready to rumble?

Southern Humboldt, (the Garberville-Redway area and 30 miles in each direction) is home to a few very large events each year. Usually the Redwood Run – a Harley Davidson weekend is the 2nd week end in June, but delayed because of bridge repairs needed from last winters storms, is actually this weekend.

This event brings 1000’s of Harleys to the tiny town of Garberville, the rumble is constant, it’s a fun event if you like Harleys, to party hearty, country music with a little rock thrown in and have generally right wing attitudes.

I like looking at the bikes all lined up down main street on Saturday morning, will actually try to get out there and take some pictures this year if i am in town.

We often escape the rumble by staying out at the little house we are building that is 13 miles west of town and 3 1/2 miles down a private dirt road.

Much quieter.