Weather Cool Down Day

Finally a day of cool temps and clouds a good day to run the oven. I started early with baking zucchini breads. Then went to the farmers market and Chautauqua the local organic food store, to get some more progest cream. Came home and made an Italian tomato sauce.. all organic and all from my garden or friends gardens. And that is to be used later today when i put together an Eggplant Parmesan.
Both of these recipes are straight from the Moosewood Cookbook,
which is by far my favorite cookbook. I am not much of a cook, but following her recipes is a breeze and makes me look good 🙂

The cooler weather also reminds us here in the hills that the time is upon us to get the firewood in or covered for the rains.
Harvests are happening and will continue for another month or so, but getting the gardens ready for bed can’t start too soon.
Making sure you have enough rock on the roads/driveways is a good thing.
It seems like we barely had a summer.. although next week we are suppose to have triple digit weather again !