Playing Catch-up

I have spent most of this week in town and All day Tuesday in Eureka. It has rained most of the week, which is highly unusual for us this time of year.
This weekend, starting now actually, is the
Redwood Run – Harley event. The growl and roar of bikes is every where.

I was planning on going out the the house in the hills tonite, but I had the most fantastic massage this afternoon, and just couldn’t face the drive and the generator.

I have had many massages and body work sessions in my life, and this was a first for me. Cynthia Gutierrez is her name and she works here in Garberville. Hot rocks and deep tissue, but she went light on me as I asked for ‘feel good’ not ‘detox’. I was in heaven. I really still am. The best ever massage I have know I will be going back for more.