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New Theme Twenty Twelve with some tweaks

I have been working on customizing ever so slightly the default WordPress theme Twenty Twelve, and finally put it on this site.
I will have many more tweaks to do, but all seems to be functioning well at this point.

I wanted to get in in place and test here before the roll out of WordPress 3.5 which is imminent, to make sure if there were problems I could isolate to theme or core functions.

I also intend to start a photo gallery on this site, which will happen slowly as I scan old images and clean them up. I have another site with a photo gallery as well, and that one will become live again just after 3.5 rolls out.

I may be switching back and forth a bit to the older theme, as I figure out a few things.


Theme Issues

Not really happy with the way this theme and my changes are working out. But I want to get to the transfer of content. I figure that once I have everything transferred to WP, I can then take the time to find or make a new theme that I will want to use going forward.

As I pull more and more content from old MT blog into this WP theme, I realize I need more room and better photo layouts. Especially for anything ‘new’… so this too is just a work in progress!