One Year Ago Today

I am remembering my Dad and Mom, both have left this world.

Bob Kensler

So Dad died last year on Mother’s Day. My Mom died in June 1986, so Mother’s Day has always been a bit hard, now it is really painful.

Pauline Kensler - 1953

7 thoughts on “One Year Ago Today

    1. admin Post author

      Odd, in that I don’t feel the comfort yet in the remembering..but I am thankful to have had him as long as I did, and we were friends, so that is good. Thanks Kym.

  1. m

    your mom went really young… and your dad was so lucky to have you in his life all those years.. . My mom went when i was 30 and she had just turned 60….also young.. I felt the loss but wasn’t close as i always felt judged by her. Dad died after a two week illness with lung cancer..must have eaten at him for years..
    enjoy the love you feel for them even now.

    1. admin Post author

      Sounds like we shared the ‘sameness’ with our mothers passing. Mom had been sick with cancer for several years before she died. Someday i will write the stories about that.
      Dad, as you know, had been an energizer bunny his whole life, had a wonderful new wife of 22 years and and new life.. the last 3 years hit him like a sledgehammer..diabetes, melanoma, heart attack, more cancer, squamous..all the treatments that made him feel like crap.
      Any way … thanks.

  2. joellen

    B –

    It’s touching to see the photos of your parents. My heart dreads the loss of my parents someday. I look at them often and consciously try to absorb them and appreciate them, but I can feel even in these moments that I can’t hold them tight enough and i feel desperate at the thought that we won’t all live forever. ahh……thanks for sharing the pics and the sentiments. xo u


  3. Sarah

    Beautiful photos. Your mom looks like a character and a fun-loving woman. Mother’s day is always bittersweet for those of us who lost our moms too early. And my heart goes out to you for the double whammy of losing your dad on that. day. But they live on in your heart forever! Thanks for sharing.

    1. admin Post author

      I picked this pic of Mom as it was one of the few ones that she did look like she was having fun.. gotta remember it was in 1953! I was just a baby and my sister was 18 months older- life was grand at that point.


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