NYEve day 2006-part1

Wow, been awhile since I was here. As usual just too busy to post.

So, to review the last few months, we (me, Carolyn, Cristin, and Linn) went to see Bruce Cockburn at the Mystic Theater in Petaluma, on November 9. What fun!! It was a sunny drive there and back, lots of girl talk and shopping.

Bobbi, Cristin and Linn

The show was SOLD OUT! It was quite fun, Gary Craig and Julie Wolf have blended fully with Bruce and it showed in everything they did. The crowd was receptive and keep the pace moving.

I met some great folks in line and would love it if they would get in touch with me. Darlene? Clay? John? woman in white sweater? (sorry I forgot your name!).

In talking with Clay, it seems once again the circle of Bruce has gone full circle, as he was mentioning a friend, Bobby, I realized that I too know Bobby and have spent much ‘Bruce time’ with him. I talked about that here, (down the page bit).