May into June Allergy into me

I didn’t mean to abandon my blog. Again. I do have some beginning posts of content being organized that I plan on adding either here or in my other website,, when it gets updated to WP.

So in early May, Russel’s sister Carol, came to visit, (May 5-9) and Russel was running back and forth into town to bring Carol out here.

Russel Wisby & Carol Nelson

It was a nice visit and the weather was good, sunny and warm, but the evening we were to go to Shelter Cove, my 4 Runner wouldn’t start. I had had some problems with it the day before in town, and we figured out the alarm system, that we never used, decided to say a door was open and wouldn’t let us start it up.. quite the drag. I stayed home and Russel took Carol out to the cove for dinner.

Then it rained again.

I took the 4 Runner to be fixed by Leo’s. Sunny breezy day after a good rain in May. I need to focus on the rest of the garden planting.
And returning to the Bruce bubble .. where life is just sublime.
I spent the next week working on, and staying in that Bruce bubble.

I was feeling pretty good for me, and starting to plan out all the projects I wanted to accomplish this spring, before Russel leaves for Aikido Summer Camp on June 13.

On Friday, May 14 – I went into the Farmers Market. How fun! So many happy smiling faces, and lots of good connection. Feels good to be out and seeing people on a sunny bright day! And preparing for the Russel’s upcoming Mateel Aikido workshop at Beginnings this week end and potluck on Saturday. I prepared a non-bean enchilada dip and a pesto, pasta and pine nut salad for the potluck. It was a warm and sunny day on Saturday too, and as always the Mateel Aikido potluck was a blast with good friends and lots more socializing.

2 days of socializing had taken its toll on my, throat hurts from talking so much, my life in general is so isolated that 2 very social days in a row wipe me out! Which is how I felt on Sunday.

Then it rained — again.

By Monday the May 16, I definitely had a throat pain (not a sore throat) and a dry light cough…. fast forward for 3 whole weeks… still with the cough. I figured it was a viral bug, threw every herbal remedy I knew at it. Many nights sitting up in recliner so i could fall asleep with the antihistamines and cough syrup. Mostly just doing what I had to.

I finally went to clinic on June 8th, they say not whooping cough, pneumonia, flu…but some kind of seasonal allergy..which I have never had before. Mind you I do not have a lot of congestion or mucus or anything else but a mostly dry unproductive cough that until the last few nights, has keep me awake a lot at night. No rest, no sleep for me means zombie land during the day.

I hadn’t been to town in 3 weeks until yesterday to the clinic. Thankfully I work at home so at least the paying jobs that came in could be done. I haven’t had the brain power to continue working in WordPress backend on this blog or future sites.

The clinic say to take ‘this type of antihistamine’ and you may need to take it every day for months! I don’t usually use that type of stuff, to be told this is going to be an ongoing state of being is very disheartening. Still digesting that info, and will start looking for alternatives to the still undiagnosed cough. I did try it, but seemed to just make me feel uncomfortable.

So that is why I haven’t been here. I have been keeping Facebook up to date, and today was looking for a good way to back FB up. I need to go back through the last year and half and pull some of the content from there to here, as this blog is still a journal of my life, even if it does go in other directions at times. So I may be adding more old post dated content here to try and fill in some gaps.

As of today, June 14, I feel better today than I have for several days. I hope this is the end of this thing whatever it was. Russel is at Summer Camp and I want to spend the alone time making headway into this blog, other websites I run, and household chores and to do lists.


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