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South America


Bolivian High Lands 1986

In June of 1986, when I was in my early 30’s, my Mom passed away after a long battle with cancer.
Shortly after that I received a bit of money and as I already had the travel bug, took it as a sign to go to South America.
I had friends in Argentina, so I landed there and spend some time in Buenos Aires then traveled north up to the Misiones district and to the Falls Iguassu, which border both Argentina and Brazil.


garden snow

First snow 18 December 2012

First snow of the winter season.


More Galleries will be coming here soon. I do have a few other photo galleries on one of my other websites, you can see them HERE.


First winter snow dusting

Please excuse my dust as I am still working on fine tuning the Photospace gallery script I am using here.

Winter Wonderland in March

So a month later again and more on the weather.. last Thursday and Friday it snowed here. That’s unusual.. it hasn’t done that since 1992, not this much snow. And this Thursday it started again, and has been snowing or hailing or sleeting since then.

Yesterday driving home it was coming down in huge (half dollar size) flakes..it was really beautiful. I didn’t have my camera then, but later I did.

Standing on our porch looking toward the driveway:

snow in march 2006

Then looking toward the house from the top of the driveway:

snow in march 2006