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Happy Winter Solstice

Saturday - 20 December 2014

I have been lax in keeping my blog up to date, perhaps this winter I will play catch up..but in the meantime I wanted to share this song with you. It does not speak directly to Solstice or Christmas, but does speak to the Light. It was written in 1980, but didn’t get recorded till […]

The Journey to and with T

Monday - 30 June 2014

What a long strange trip this has been so far. On June 14 I learned my old friend T was facing cancer surgery to remove his prostate & another surgery  to repair or replace a Stent in his right kidney.  He is alone in Florida, & intended to do this whole thing by him self. […]

Fire & Light

Sunday - 2 February 2014

Love this Fire & Light company! Russel treated me, with the beginning of my collection: These are seconds! Spent a wonderful sunny day in Arcata then had dinner at Kim and Tony’s and went to Eureka’s Arts Alive. Very fun. Life is good.

Helen Stowe

Wednesday - 18 December 2013

Helen would of turned 86 tomorrow, December 19. I miss her more than words can express. I mentioned here how she had just returned from spinal surgery. Here I am with her, shortly after she came home from the Garberville hospital. Sadly, it was a short lived reprieve, and her pain came back with a […]

December Snow

Saturday - 7 December 2013

We had some snow in December 2013, but only one or 2 small rain events since. Humboldt County is now (Feb 2014) in a full on drought. This is going to be a very water-less spring-summer. We may not even do any gardening.

Cast Iron

Tuesday - 15 October 2013

This fall I had all my cast iron re-seasoned, and I am starting to use again for most cooking. Some pieces I need to re-do as they still stick, but I am waiting for the time when the seasoning is robust enough to handle most things. I also treated myself to an enameled dutch oven, […]

June into July – Life is Flying By

Monday - 1 July 2013

The past 2 months have been filled with taking care of lots of little things, like after 2 years of not detailing my 4 Runner, getting it done. Looks almost like it did when I bought it, and ‘Partners in Grime’ saved the paint job! Russel got a canopy and a rack installed on his […]

Helen Stowe is back to Garberville

Friday - 10 May 2013

My friend Helen Stowe is finally back in Garberville, at Jerold Phelps Hospital, after spending 3 weeks in San Fransisco at St Mary’s. She has had back surgery and is now recovering. Many people will remember Helen and her late husband Murray from the days when they ran the Country Store in Ruby Valley. Many […]