In the early days of blogging, it was much more about communicating with and networking with others. Back in those days there was something that showed up on almost everyone’s blog, 100 Things About Me.

I wrote this 100 Things in 2003 when my first Movable Type blog went live. I will be updating it sometime (HA!), but for now I am just reprinting it here. (this was April 2010, when I switched to WordPress)

Slightly updated 7 December 2012:

  1. I was born with Strep throat and given antibiotics when less than 24 hours old.
  2. The end of my right index finger was cut off by a door in the third grade.
  3. My birthday is 9-11.
  4. I had rheumatic fever in the third grade (all of it), my teacher brought my assignments to the house. The doctor also came to give me shots daily for awhile.
  5. I had it again in 7th grade and as a senior and one other time since then.
  6. I also had to take speech therapy, couldn’t pronounce my ‘r’s.
  7. I (still) drive a ’71 VW bus. (bus gone June 2006) 🙁
  8. I was the school disc jockey for all the dances.
  9. I have no children.
  10. I married for the first (and only) time when I was 42.
  11. I love textiles.
  12. Some would call me a bag lady…I love bags, blankets, belts, baskets and beads.
  13. I know how to make pine-needle baskets.
  14. The first computer I ever used was ours in 1998.
  15. I taught myself, from online tuts, all I know about hand coding.
  16. I have never used a wysiwyg editor.
  17. I have owned 3 VWs.
  18. I weighed 100#’s until i was 36… it’s all up scale since then.
  19. I love movies.
  20. I am a cat person. The cat in my life is named Kaya. (Kaya died August 2009)
  21. Virgo/Leo rising/Gemini moon. Dragon.
  22. I felt liberated when i turned 50.
  23. My favorite scent is white sage, with New Mexico cedar running close second.
  24. I have never colored my hair.
  25. I was voted ‘best-dancer’ for the high school year book.
  26. I have contact (rarely) with only one person who I went to high school with.
  27. I graduated in the top 10 (only 80 kids!) in 1970.
  28. Sex, drugs and rock and roll was the anthem of the time, mine was God, Love and LSD, with lots of rock and roll in the mix.
  29. I moved out of my parents home a couple days after graduation, when i was 17.
  30. My second car was a new Chevy Nova in 1971. It was fast.
  31. My third car (in 1979) was a ’73 VW beetle, light blue.
  32. I drove it during the 1980 blizzard to Boulder, Colorado, finally leaving Michigan.
  33. I figured from the time i left home until i moved to where i am now, I had moved, either from house to house or location to location every year and a half.
  34. I have lived in this one room house for 12+ years, 11 with my husband Russel. (We lived there for 16 years!)
  35. I know how to live in a small space … thanks in part to living for years in VW buses.
  36. I own an 18 foot tipi…used it as a summer home on the land where we are building our house.
  37. I know how to crochet, the last thing i made was a baby blanket, about 5 years ago.
  38. I have hooked rugs and made crewel wall hangings.
  39. I do bead-work…mostly with seed beads in the peyote stitch for necklaces.
  40. I love flannel and real cotton chenille.
  41. I belong to the Native American Church, although i haven’t sat up in quite awhile. (No, I am not a Native American.)
  42. I know how to read maps, AAA trained me well.
  43. I have worked in or managed 4 natural foods stores, the first one in the mid-to-late 70’s.
  44. I quit eating meat in the early ’70s (I think ’74), this was in part due to a PBB scare in Michigan’s beef and dairy.
  45. I started eating fish again, in ’82 (health reasons) and chicken & turkey (husband reasons) in ’92. I still haven’t touched beef. I have never eaten pork (with the exception of bacon occasionally in a restaurant).
  46. I love to swim in rivers with lots of granite rocks, like the Yuba River.
  47. My favorite summer fabric is woven rayon batik dyed from Bali.
  48. I wear dresses, causal, sun, lounge… flowing comfort.
  49. I have driven from Michigan to Colorado to California and back several times, different routes, always in VW’s.
  50. I couldn’t do that now, not in a VW anyway… i need more comfort.
  51. I do fly, but really don’t like it at all. It hurts in many ways.
  52. I spent 2 weeks at a beach town in Argentina by myself. I do not have good Spanish. It was fun.
  53. I have been to the highest lake in the world, Lake Titicaca in Bolivia.
  54. 3 months in South America wasn’t enough time, not even.
  55. 3 weeks in Guatemala was way too short.
  56. Did I mention i love textiles? Bolivia and Guatemala have some of the most impressive textiles, I have several boxes full. Now with digital camera in hand, I plan to photograph them.
  57. I haven’t worn makeup since 1972.
  58. I am allergic to penicillin and sulfa drugs, due to over use when younger.
  59. I have had long hair, to the middle of my back, since 1970.
  60. My sister died at 31, in 1981, of cancer.
  61. My mother felt guilty, and her cancer which was in remission, came back. She died in 1986.
  62. I miss having a sister (we were never close) and a mom.
  63. I like my Dad.
  64. My husband and my father are both Sagitarians.
  65. I love cheese.
  66. I tend to ‘tell it like it is’ … being diplomatic is something i have yet to learn.
  67. People ask me to ‘pack’ for them… i am very organized.
  68. I have studied and practiced astrology, palmistry, and the tarot.
  69. Also herbology, iridology, shiatsu massage, reflexology, and macrobiotics.
  70. I started seeking out ORGANICALLY GROWN food in the early ’80’s.
  71. I have been to 3 Rainbow Gatherings.
  72. I have been to hundreds of concerts.
  73. I have seen Bruce Cockburn at least 20 30 times, with more to come.
  74. I felt the Loma Prieta Earthquake, I lived in San Anselmo in 1989. Rock and Roll.
  75. I am a good friend.
  76. I never went to college.
  77. I finally pierced my ears around 1985 ish, professionally. The first time in the the ’60’s was with ice – a needle- and a potato! I passed out. I wore earrings for about 7 years, now the holes have closed.
  78. I love succulents..non spiny cactus.
  79. We are building our house off the grid. But we will have alternative power sources. (moved in in 2006)
  80. I am loved and I am told I am loved daily by my husband. 🙂
  81. I use (not intentionally) malapropisms.
  82. I also tend to use/create mixed metaphors.
  83. I like to garden.
  84. I am self-conscious in front of large groups, mostly.
  85. I can be judgmental & critical, especially of myself.
  86. Tact, I have very little of it, but I am working on it.
  87. I don’t laugh enough.
  88. My husband says I have no humor.
  89. That’s not true, I just don’t laugh at his jokes!
  90. I need 9 hours sleep to function well.
  91. I want to learn how to take great pictures with my digital camera, Canon G3.
  92. I sleep on my left side mostly.
  93. I love Reggae, roots reggae.
  94. I love mountains, wish I lived at a higher altitude.
  95. I am honest.
  96. I want to learn php, more css, and lots more web dev tools.
  97. I like to walk.
  98. I love my husband and my cat.
  99. I need to love myself more.
  100. It took me way to long to complete this list!