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River and Creek Photos 29 Nov – 2 Dec

Monday - 3 December 2012

Humboldt County was hit with several strong storms last week, Hazardous Weather Outlook and the Storm Reports. The best thing about these storms was the amount of rainfall.. rivers went from a trickle you could walk across to this.. almost overnight. Eel River at Alderpoint bridge 29 November 2012, looking upriver:   Eel River at […]

Winter Solstice

Monday - 20 December 2010

Solstice Greetings to all of you! However you choose to party or pray May the light start shining on your way.. Moving out of this darkness into the light of a new day Best wishes for a Happy Holiday!!! *********************************** We have been having crazy windy rainy hailing thundering wild weather for days now with […]

End of Summer Colds

Thursday - 23 September 2010

Russel started working back at the schools on last week, by Wednesday (Sept 13) he came home with fever and chills which launched into a full on sinus & head cold. I managed to keep feeling good until Sunday, the 18th, when a cough started and by Monday I was full on into a head […]

Fall in the air

Friday - 6 October 2006

Well September went by in a blur. First off there was bunion surgery on the 7th.. this wasn’t too bad as far as surgeries go. I was off my foot entirely for a week or more, then I used a huge boot type support to hobble around.. unfortunately a blister was created that I didn’t […]

Winter Wonderland in March

Friday - 10 March 2006

So a month later again and more on the weather.. last Thursday and Friday it snowed here. That’s unusual.. it hasn’t done that since 1992, not this much snow. And this Thursday it started again, and has been snowing or hailing or sleeting since then. Yesterday driving home it was coming down in huge (half […]

Getting anywhere from here…

Friday - 13 January 2006

Well in case you don’t know, southern Humboldt and most of northern California were hit with a series of very heavy rain and wind storms starting mid-December. After a week of rain we were all like, “Wow the rivers and creeks are really running high, it’s so cool to see water finally.” A week later, […]