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PUZZLED 2020-2021

Wednesday - 17 March 2021

This is a slide show of most of the puzzles we have completed.

My Favorite Puzzles

Here are links to puzzles that can be loaned or traded.




Our Completed Puzzles

  • One Dot at a Time - Elbeth Mcclean - Ravensburger 1500
    One Dot at a Time - on loan to PS
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Kitchen 2020

Saturday - 23 May 2020

When we moved full time to the land in 2006 there were so many systems that had to come together; water, heat, power, propane, to name a few — that they took precedent over all else. I had a sort of functioning kitchen space, but really as the years rolled by it became more and more un-user friendly and it was just plain ugly.
So sometime around the holidays 2019 I started thinking seriously about putting in a proper kitchen.

This was always to be temporary!

And then this happened: Tear Out – wall shelves

Tear Out – base shelves

All that was to show you how I got to here. Just re-doing a kitchen / kitchen remodel generally assumes that there were cabinets and counters. It’s a big deal to me to be able to function, cook, can and hopefully when Covid-19 let’s up, entertain and to have a clean – well lighted space to do it in.

I worked with locals, Brian Harper of Specialized Woodworks in Redway helped me design the cabinet layout. He and his son Zuma did the install, very quickly I must add. They were moving fast (they live 2 1/2 hours from here and only wanted to come one day, and I don’t blame them on that at all).

Brian took on getting the under cabinet lighting installed, after the uppers were up, so lots more work for him. We also switched out the cabinet over the stove for a shorter one, as I needed more room for my pressure canner and to be able to lift a quart jar out of it without knocking my hand on the vent fan.

Brian held my hand if I started freaking out about something and was really wonderful & fun to work with.

Alan Ivey, who built this house and every addition to it, hooked up the quartz aqua-divide sink & faucet and installed the vent fan. He also did the window trim and will be back again to do some more trim sometime. The best handy man in the south county.

The countertops were installed by Arcata Countertops – they are quartz and I love them.

New Cabinets Installed!
(start slideshow from beginning)

The pantry unit to left of the fridge, Brian installed that 3 years ago. The cabinets are maple.

Now to get it personalized, some bright touches of color, a back splash of some sort for above the stove. I am still sorting stuff into drawers and cabinets.. so much of my kitchen stuff was almost inaccessible that I never used it. A lot of it is out now, and if in a year or so, it still isn’t in use, I will purge.

Working Kitchen


My Favorite Puzzles

Thursday - 23 April 2020

Colin Thompson series / Ravensburger

Honorable Mention

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Puzzles to Loan

Thursday - 23 April 2020

2 October 2021

These are puzzles I am willing to loan.
These puzzles are to be returned!

I have way more of these types of puzzles than I do of ones that I will trade 1 for 1. We rebuild puzzles at least 2 times.

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Puzzles for Trade

Thursday - 23 April 2020

2 October 2021

These puzzle are for trade.
What that means to me is I trade one for one from you that I want.
We each keep those puzzles.

All have been completed in a smoke-pet free home. All the pieces are there unless otherwise noted.
1 piece missing – Sea Anemones & Ravensburger In The Garden tools

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My Favorites

Wednesday - 22 January 2020
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No Time for This !!

Saturday - 18 November 2017

Sorry no time for this site… too busy with WordPress on other sites that actually pay me LOL.

Lets test a media upload now after the 4.9 WP upgrade.


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New BruceCockburn.com website launched

Monday - 7 March 2016

No excuses for not keeping this site up to date, I write blog posts in my head but never get around to getting them on here.

Well a couple of excuses… I have been busy!
I started this site in March of 2015 — and it took way longer than I expected but it was launched March 7, 2016.

And Bruce likes it 🙂

BruceCockburn.com site launch promo - 7 March 2016

BruceCockburn.com site launch promo