OnMyBeat domain is Live

Whooo–hoo! On My Beat domain is live!

On My Beat.net is now live!
As all things in my life seem to be works in progress, no doubt this will be too.
Gonna be tweaking this site all day trying to get it templated to a livable working model.

IE6 check

I am using a friends laptop to check out OnMyBeat.
All seems to be ok, i think the font in the posts section is a bit large,
yet too small if i lower it for N6. I hate the way colors are displayed on this lcd…i don’t know if all lcds are like this one or not.
And if i ever go the laptop route i will have to have an ergonomic keyboard, kind of defeats the purpose, no?

More on the color issues

14 July 2003

I e-talked with a friend today who confirmed that what i see on my crt screen and what shes sees on her lcd laptop are not one and the same, or really even close. This is too bad. I do like the color scheme, as i see it, that i have going here and else where, but i am thinking that i will change to a lighter/ meaning white with a few color accents for the blog. Now when this will happen is any ones’ guess *lol* in my ample amount of free time!

Did set up more categories in mt and did more tweaking for N6 and IE6.. still stuff to do before really going live with this.

New CSS – layout

15 July 2003
I know i said just yesterday that i wasn’t gonna change this style for awhile, but i just couldn’t stand the thought of all those with lcd screens looking at the ‘old’ site.
This is a far lighter brighter color scheme and the structure is different. Do you like it? I haven’t had time to do the validations yet, maybe later tonight or tomorrow. Slowly adding in sidebar stuff and that too will be in flux for a bit, and i need to link to a few static pages yet to be done as well.
And i really need to do a different layout on the archive pages, what’s there worked with the other design, but not so with this one. Maybe just adding a picture or two will help there.

Is the font too small?

16 July 2003
I use IE5 (i know i know!) and the font when set at :
font-size: small; or
font-size: 1em; or
font-size: 11px;
is just too darn large with ie, but when looking at it with N6..it looks much better.
Yet when I change to
font-size: x-small;
all is good on IE but looks too small on N6.
I run a 17″ /crt/ 1024×768 with text set to medium.

What to do? I guess if readers (are there any readers?– note to self, get tracker and sitemeter for this site) complain about too tiny fonts i will change.