Bruce Cockburn Coming to Mystic Theater

Bruce Cockburn – songwriter/singer/guitarist extraordinaire..will be at the Mystic Theater in Petaluma July 29, 2003. Of course i am going, 3+hours drive down, booked the motel room today.
If you come here often you will hear lots about this man and his music. is pronounced ‘co-burn’.
Even the name of this blog …On My Beat…. comes from one of his more recent songs My Beat.

Edited to add: the link above is throwing this page out of validation because a former webmaster at the Cockburn Project used ‘songs&music’ as a directory name, and now when linked in XHTML the ‘&’ throws an error. Maybe someday that will be fixed on the project, but as there are thousands of links to that directory, not any time soon. (So I have to decide if I want to link direct to the songs — which i was really planning on doing a lot, or just explain under the validation tag that that is what’s throwing the validation off. Drats.)

I have a section on another site that tells a little about him, but if you want the whole deal, you need to check out the Cockburn Project.

Ok I am having a heck of a time with the styling of links within the blog body..not sure why but don’t have time to trouble shoot the css right now, will get to it soon though as this ain’t workin’ the way i want@!

Oh and now i see that when i have an extended entry – ‘there’s more’
the permalinks line of links doesn’t have the hover effect.
Now why would that be?
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And looking in N6.. all works as it should.
Damn my ancient system and IE5…
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And the laptop is gone so i can’t check in IE6.