Tomorrow is My Birthday

Last year I turned 50. It was a liberating birthday, although a bit subdued because of the first anniversary of 911. I had had higher hopes for this one. I am not one who makes a big deal out of birthdays or holidays, but do like a small token of rememberence.

The week started off with a hurried trip to San Fransisco, for a medical test for my Russel. We don’t know anything yet, so stress is a bit high to say the least. And that pall over shadows everything right now. Until we know what we are dealing with i am not going to divulge any more details.

But today was a good day. Last night i took some Ativan (sleep aid my husband got last week from his doctor)… and lo and behold I SLEPT all night. I feel rested for the first time in months.
I walked with Helen, my 75 year old neighbor and close friend. Then I went out and finally bought a pair of boots to replace my 15 year HiTecs… I got black New Balance..pic coming.
Time will tell if they fit well with my funny feet.(NOT)

I decided to make southwestern sytle corn bread and a minnestroni stew for dinner. Not one of R’s favorites but i like it, and i was the one cooking. It turned out good.

Then a knock on the door.. and my neighbor Ian has brought over a blueberry/strawberry pie and whipped cream! yummmmm!! , from his mother Linda … And what a surprise! An early birthday remembering… warms the heart, ya know?

Tomorrow we go to Eureka for the day, hope to catch a good movie. Then we meet up with friends Charlie & Cristin for sushi dinner at Tomo’s in Arcata. That will be way fun. More about that tomorrow.

And last night a cyber-friend, Suzanne, called to wish us well. That was really special and made me feel loved. Thanks Suzanne.