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Winter Solstice

Monday - 20 December 2010

Solstice Greetings to all of you! However you choose to party or pray May the light start shining on your way.. Moving out of this darkness into the light of a new day Best wishes for a Happy Holiday!!! *********************************** We have been having crazy windy rainy hailing thundering wild weather for days now with […]

NYEve-part 2

Sunday - 31 December 2006

So that is about it for this year. Many of our summer projects didn’t get completed, blame it on the heat (way too many days over 100 degrees) or on my recovering from the tonsillectomy and then bunion surgery, or just not enough time. This past week Russel has been on school break with the […]

Year of the Monkey

Thursday - 22 January 2004

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Google even recognized it! The last Monkey year was 1992, I remember it well. I do hope for Russel and I that this one goes a bit smoother. Waves HI! to a special Monkey person 🙂 Chinese Astrology is fascinating to me, as is what we know as regular Astrology. There is […]

Harmonic Concordance

Friday - 7 November 2003

This picture on the of me : was taken at the Harmonic Convergence. This was on the top of Lembert Dome, in Toulumne Meadows – Yosemite. I was very into astral works at that time. Since I have moved up here to Humboldt County, for some reason, I haven’t stayed as in tune. Anyway, a […]