Helen Stowe is back to Garberville

Friday - 10 May 2013


My friend Helen Stowe is finally back in Garberville, at Jerold Phelps Hospital, after spending 3 weeks in San Fransisco at St Mary’s. She has had back surgery and is now recovering.

Many people will remember Helen and her late husband Murray from the days when they ran the Country Store in Ruby Valley.

Many others will remember Helen through her late daughter Dawn Champie or her son Scott Grant.

Update: Helen is now at home. She can be reached at 707-923-4508.


Lemon Curd

Sunday - 5 May 2013

A friend gifted me some Meyer Lemons. Today I made my first ever Lemon Curd. I used Ina Garten’s recipe. If I had it to do again, I would do it all in the food processor, and then strain the curd when done. The zest mars the smoothness just a bit. It is very good and not to sweet, for me at least.

What prompted this was, lemons that needed to be used and most importantly, it is mostly for a friend who has been in hospital for weeks and will be coming home to local hospital in a few days… and she loves lemon curd.

Hope she likes mine.



Garden in April – Poppies in May

Thursday - 2 May 2013

Here’s the lettuce bed in April, it is now covered with a shade cloth tent over all of it.. we should have salads till October is all goes well..or even longer.


Blue Columbine in April, thank you Hand to Land for this columbine! I have several now, this is the biggest.


My red poppies usually don’t start opening (popping !) until June! And here they start on May 2!!!


I feel the ‘hurry up and get the rest of the garden in’ energy happening right now.


April went by in a blur and Hey it’s May!

Wednesday - 1 May 2013

I am well. No more surgical issues at all. Been really busy though with the garden as the weather is dictating we move faster than usual. I have a few photos to add here soon.
But the lettuce and salad beds are producing salad. Several of the other raised beds have been amended and raised a board higher. Not as many flowers as last year.. but some.

I spent last Saturday in Arcata with friend Kim at the Farmers Market and totally enjoyed steel drum band Steel Standing! Ate at Renata’s Creperie, don’t miss this place if ever in Arcata, I will be going back. Was really nice to get out and visit with a new friend.

This Friday our own Farmer’s Market in Garberville starts up, and I will be there looking for those hot weather starts, like peppers and basil and tomatoes.

The last 6 months were difficult, but the spring into summer is happening fast and I am looking forward to it!


6 Weeks Post Surgery

Wednesday - 27 March 2013

Well it’s been 6 weeks since the hysterectomy. The first week was horrible, the second & third week I had a really bad head cold that Russel had. The third week also saw us visiting my doctor, who said everything was peachy, but the trip wiped me out.

I had some discomfort, was back on Advils 3 x a day for awhile, now maybe once a day dose. At 6 weeks I had thought it would be a dim memory but it is not. There are still things I am dealing with, more annoying than hurtful.

Taking Estradiol, low dose for about a week and it really makes me bitchy, do not think I will continue with this.
I will see my doctor again this coming Tuesday and discuss.

Trips to Eureka wipe me out on good days, the last trip wiped me out for several days. I hope this one goes a bit smoother.

Meanwhile a lot of very nice weather passed by, where I could only look at the garden and not do anything. The last week or so I put in some salad greens and that’s about it.
Now it is grey and raining just enough to make the grasses grow ..not bring the river levels up.

But spring is here and the pendulum is swinging upwards again 🙂


Another surgery coming up soon

Friday - 1 February 2013

Well here we are with beautiful spring like winter weather for the last few weeks. So nice having the sun shine, makes me want to get in the garden..too bad the veggie garden doesn’t get much winter sunshine.

Not that the weather has anything to do with the fact that I will be in hospital and having surgery on Feb 12. Doctor says I will have to take it very easy for 2 weeks and maybe longer. So no gardening will be happening until March for me.. see that is where it all ties in. And who knows what the weather will be then.

This is not a life threatening surgery, but needs to be done. If you have questions … well email me. I will post back about it all after the fact.


Photo Albums are now Posts

After much tweaking of WordPress and Photospace codes, I have made the photo albums POSTS not PAGES. This way they show up in the news feed// or on the home page. Think I am good to go — to get scanning all the oldie but goodie photos and get them up here for all to enjoy. LOL.


1986: South America

Wednesday - 16 January 2013

Argentina and Bolivia

At the Falls Iguassu

At the Falls Iguassu

In June of 1986, when I was in my early 30′s, my Mom passed away after a long battle with cancer.

Shortly after that I received a bit of money and as I already had the travel bug, took it as a sign to go to South America.
I had friends in Argentina, so I landed there and spend some time in Buenos Aires then traveled north up to the Misiones district and to the Falls Iguassu, which border both Argentina and Brazil.
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