Mom and Me photos

Laurie – these are for you

This is one of Mom, when I was still a baby. Photographs have come a long way since then.. and these were scanned.

Mom - Pauline Johnson Kensler 1953

And these 2 are of me when I was a teen..there aren’t very good shots and they don’t really ‘say’ who I was then, but you get kind of an idea.

I think I had a black wig on ?!! but I had short hair still then– this is around 1965.

bobbi kensler 1965

And this is 1969 — i don’t think I wore that particular slinky shirt more than once! Funny how it gets in a photo.. there are so few from that time period!!

bobbi kensler 1969

If you are really interested in having ‘old’ photos of both my mom and dad’s side of the family — let me know. I have some real old ones.. it would be nice for someone in the family to have them. I always planned on passing them on to my kids, but hey! I didn’t have any!! Just let me know.