Fall in the air

Well September went by in a blur. First off there was bunion surgery on the 7th.. this wasn’t too bad as far as surgeries go. I was off my foot entirely for a week or more, then I used a huge boot type support to hobble around.. unfortunately a blister was created that I didn’t know about until the bandages were changed a week later.. dealing with the blister has been just as painful as dealing with the surgical site! Any way, I am into Uggs type foot gear now and can drive and move about. Good thing as tons of to do stuff is piling up.

My birthday was September 11, and we lost a good friend on that day this year. Bob Wansick died from a heart attack, he went quick, and it was sudden. He will be sorely missed. There was a memorial on the 23rd.. a wonderful celebration of his life. His wife Diana, and his son and family are neighbors here on the creek road. I hope that all the ‘lets get togethers’ are actually gotten together. Time is short and you never know when the last time might be.

The laundry room is finally enclosed. What an ordeal. The storm door from Home Depot was more than a p-i-t-a to install/frame. But we like it.. it has 3/4 light and storm and roll-away screen. We’ll see how well it does keeping the rain out. The machines will be delivered on Tuesday… gonna be great although will take some getting used to. Having to do laundry daily and not all at once will be very different. Also, with the light and sun getting shorter, I guess I will have to run the generator for each load.

The water system hasn’t been switched to the new system yet. Russel will be working on that all winter I believe. He does have wood for this year bucked, split and stacked, and almost everything for next year. We try to stay a year ahead so we have really dry wood to burn. We had our first light rain this week so we could actually start a fire in the wood stove. Felt just wonderful!

I called my best friend Tom in Florida too. He just went through an agonizing month of rehab with several more to go, following a shoulder surgery to reattach some muscle and ligaments. Seems a full recovery is possible, but painful getting there. I am hoping that he and his woman Terry can make it out our way next year. It has been well over 20 years since Tom and I have seen each other.. funny how some relationships survive the time and distance with almost no effort. He writes just wonderful letters, when he writes. And we have a connection like no other. It gives me something to look forward too.. something outside the paradise I live in and the sweet life I have compared to so many others.

Bruce Cockburn is coming back my way again! I have tickets for the show at the Mystic Theater in Petaluma on November 9. I am taking 3 girlfriends to this one!! It should be lots of fun. It is something to look forward too!!

As the year rolls on, and all the holidays spring up, time will get even more short. I have lots of plans to work more on the computer, learn more programs, do more with what I already know and all that. I also need to still unpack, sort and decorate this house. Lots of stuff still in storage and infrastructure not in place to house everything I want to have out. So I figure that will be an ongoing project of mine.. a little every day or week depending on the other stuff that has to be done.

If you have bothered to read to here: Happy Fall !! Everyone. Enjoy the change of the seasons, slow down and hug the ones you love. Take time to enjoy the life you have and the ones you love, you never know what’s around the bend!