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Spring 2008

Friday - 21 March 2008

Spring is here the daffodils and tulips are blooming as are the peach trees. Life should be sweet, and in many ways it is, but I am stressed in so many ways. First off, Dad isn’t done with the cancer it is back and another surgery is planned for April 23. This time the surgeons […]

Fall in the air

Friday - 6 October 2006

Well September went by in a blur. First off there was bunion surgery on the 7th.. this wasn’t too bad as far as surgeries go. I was off my foot entirely for a week or more, then I used a huge boot type support to hobble around.. unfortunately a blister was created that I didn’t […]

Recovery is slow..

Tuesday - 13 June 2006

The last time I wrote here, I was getting ready for a tonsillectomy. Well May 9 I had it done. I am 53. It was the most horrible physical experience I have ever had. I knew it would be rough, but those words don’t really bring it into focus just what goes on with your […]

Tonsillectomy May 9

Sunday - 7 May 2006

I am finally going to do this. Months of sore throat and pain and tonsil stones and I believe toxins entering my body. Wish me well and a fast recovery. I won’t be able to talk for awhile, and the pain I hear is just dreadful. Nothing like having a full plate, I am in […]

And then the sun came back!

Thursday - 9 February 2006

And things are starting to dry up a bit. The road is holding its own for now, but here are a couple of pictures, which really don’t do it justice:   The road is now only half that width, this was taken in the beginning of the storms.   Over the side into the creek […]