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April went by in a blur and Hey it’s May!

Wednesday - 1 May 2013

I am well. No more surgical issues at all. Been really busy though with the garden as the weather is dictating we move faster than usual. I have a few photos to add here soon. But the lettuce and salad beds are producing salad. Several of the other raised beds have been amended and raised […]

6 Weeks Post Surgery

Wednesday - 27 March 2013

Well it’s been 6 weeks since the hysterectomy. The first week was horrible, the second & third week I had a really bad head cold that Russel had. The third week also saw us visiting my doctor, who said everything was peachy, but the trip wiped me out. I had some discomfort, was back on […]

Another surgery coming up soon

Friday - 1 February 2013

Well here we are with beautiful spring like winter weather for the last few weeks. So nice having the sun shine, makes me want to get in the garden..too bad the veggie garden doesn’t get much winter sunshine. Not that the weather has anything to do with the fact that I will be in hospital […]

Gall Bladder Removed

Monday - 3 December 2012

Those that know me know I have been struggling with digestive problems for quite awhile. Things really started ramping up almost 2 years ago. Since that post I also have had several ‘up all night with incredible pain’ attacks that I supposed was the gall bladder passing stones. Well finally got that ultra sound done […]

Loma Prieta Earthquake – 1989

Monday - 17 October 2011

I lived in Marin County, just north of San Francisco for most of the 1980’s. I don’t remember feeling many if any earthquakes until the October 17 1989 Loma Prieta quake. At the time I was working at the Good Earth Natural Foods store in Fairfax on Bolinas Road, and doing housecleaning jobs all over […]

Remembering Carolyn

Thursday - 31 March 2011

Today I planted out a Lavender bush in honor of my departed friend Carolyn. Today is her birthday. There you go Swimming deeper into mystery Here I remain Only seeing where you used to be Stared at the ceiling ‘Til my ears filled up with tears Never got to know you Suddenly you’re out of […]