Monthly Archives: June 2005

Playing Catch-up

Thursday - 9 June 2005

I have spent most of this week in town and All day Tuesday in Eureka. It has rained most of the week, which is highly unusual for us this time of year. This weekend, starting now actually, is the Redwood Run – Harley event. The growl and roar of bikes is every where. I was […]

Spring Garden

Saturday - 4 June 2005

We have a small garden this year.. our peach trees in pots have peaches on them! The poppies are in full bloom, I’ll try and get a good picture of them. The sage and wild lilacs are fading.. but I planted a few marigolds and calendulas, as I just love the orange color:  

May Aikido Retreat

Saturday - 4 June 2005

Russel’s Aikido school, Mateel Aikido, had a retreat a few weeks ago. During that time several of his students tested for black belt ranks. I have several shots, most I am saving for their website (not quite ready for prime time yet, but soon). This is one of my favorites: