Monthly Archives: August 2003

Whittemore Grove

Sunday - 31 August 2003

Whittemore Grove borders the Eel River, and we drive through it daily to go to our land. It is an integral part of our landscape here in Southern Humboldt. A big thanks to Stable Slopes Forever, for working to keep these trees protected. So often in our busy lives and hurry to and fro we […]

SoHum Happenings

Saturday - 30 August 2003

Road Spam Recently while driving out to our land I spotted about a 25′ long piece of road spam. This is just the top portion of it: The writing was in reference to a missing person here in Southern Humboldt county who is a very active pot activist, and Prop 215 (medical marijuana) advocate. He […]

Painting Again

Wednesday - 27 August 2003

I mentioned in this post about some colors we used to paint the shed. Here’s the picture: The closet became multi-colored, and it is a very bad paint job .. but here are the colors:         I also used the ‘too pink to be mauve’ color on the top of the lid […]

World of Wonders by Bruce Cockburn

Monday - 25 August 2003

Testing Song Linkage I was dismayed that I wouldn’t be able to link to Bruce’s song lyrics from the CockburnProject directly from here (and stay in validation) because of odd coding on the Project. But I think I have that worked out, lets see: World of Wonders — only one of many of my favorite […]

Painting Day

Sunday - 24 August 2003

We painted all day yesterday. Russel’s been working on the shed for a few days now. Finally it’s done. You can’t tell it from this picture, but it was a green color in bad need of paint and no trim color at all… now it is yellow with a raspberry color trim..i will have pictures […]

Weather Cool Down Day

Friday - 22 August 2003

Finally a day of cool temps and clouds a good day to run the oven. I started early with baking zucchini breads. Then went to the farmers market and Chautauqua the local organic food store, to get some more progest cream. Came home and made an Italian tomato sauce.. all organic and all from my […]

Down Day

Monday - 18 August 2003

Well isn’t this the pits … it’s 100 degrees out again. I didn’t sleep again last night and to add to it all my sinuses plugged up. Not sure why really, wrong food combinations? Sudden allergy onset? but needless to say this morning they started draining and draining and drianing… you get the picture. We […]

Hot Flashes

Sunday - 17 August 2003

Well I always knew this time would come. I did a lot of research in my 40’s around peri-menopause. I added certain supplements to my diet hoping to NOT have to go through an intense menopause. So far, it is not ..really intense i mean. But I skipped a cycle, 3 weeks and counting, and […]