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Tuesday - 16 September 2003

Stress is ruling my life at the moment. The kind of not-knowing what is gonna happen kind of stress. I mentioned here that we had to go to SF. That was so my husband could get a CT scan of his chest. We still (one week later) don’t know what the CT scan found. I […]

Down Day

Monday - 18 August 2003

Well isn’t this the pits … it’s 100 degrees out again. I didn’t sleep again last night and to add to it all my sinuses plugged up. Not sure why really, wrong food combinations? Sudden allergy onset? but needless to say this morning they started draining and draining and drianing… you get the picture. We […]


Friday - 18 July 2003

Yesterday we spent the day in Eureka, it is 60 miles north of here, the largest town around. It’s where the mall is, costco and most shopping is done. I don’t usually enjoy being there, it’s on the coast, generally it is cold and foggy, and smelly, with pulp mill toxic spewing and low tide. […]