The shots that got away

We have a young buck with one antler gone who visits often. I was watching him through the binoculars while he was munching on madrone berries on the ground. I did this for quite awhile, then noticed to his left and behind the madrone tree…a trunk…not of a tree but a beast… big old granddaddy with antlers as long as my arms came slowing out of the wood onto the driveway.

He was HUGE.

And he looked at me looking at him and I would of gotten the best shots … but wouldn’t ya know it, the camera was in town as I left it there just the day before to charge and pull images off. Damn. Really, this was a rare photo opportunity that i missed.

The same day just after my deer friends continued on over the divide, our resident grey squirrel with the biggest fluffiest tail I have ever seen, was posing for me as well. AND i saw a bright PINK mushroom… all this in one day and the one day the camera wasn’t with me.