Bathroom – finally water!

This is the color we painted the bathroom.

bathroom paint color
bathroom vanity

I don’t think the computer/camera gets it quite right, it seems to be a brighter bluer blue in real life.

This is the vanity we quickly got on Friday.. i do like the maple and mission style of it.

The faucet we bought is chrome, with toggle handles, not knobs. Very simple, with a curved spout.

The hot water heater and propane tanks are set in place and and hooked up, the vanity is going into place as i write this, then they will run water into the house and HOPEFULLY there will be no leaks and all will be good to go!

Amazing, after all these years of working on the house that we will finally have a fully functional bathroom!

Hot showers/flush toilet/an indoor sink!!! Oh my… i may be spending lots more time out there now. If only we could get a power system in place that would accommodate my computer habits, we could move.