My House is my Palette

To change my mindset a bit, I have been painting, very slowly, section by section, in the house. I think I mentioned the bathroom blue we did this summer.

Atta Boy blue bathroom paint

There’s a narrow hallway between the bedroom and bath, in front of the utility closet, this was painted the very bright chilled lemonaide. And the wall extending from the bedroom past the hallway got to be perennial sweetpea! (check out the floor plan)

sweet pea - lemonaide

The lid (ceiling) in this hallway is:

olympia fields

As this is the only area of the house that can take deep dark bright colors, I went a bit wild. Being off the grid, we need to use as much sunlight as possible to brighten the rooms, so the whole front of the house will be a very light color to reflect the sun and add light.

The yellow wall will have a pantry/storage unit on one side and textiles or wall art of some kind on the other, so you won’t be hit with so much of a bright thing.

The purple/periwinkle wall is very short, will have wall art as well as either a chest of drawers/ book shelves, or some kind of storage there too.

Any way, it is fun, finally being able to just do what i want.. Russel is being very agreeable about it, even though he personally likes more muted (dull) tones.