Busy Planning New Computer!

I am really here !

I have been busy.
It’s no excuse for not blogging, but that’s the one I am using 🙂
After the Bruce Cockburn show, I was tied up in getting the report up for the
Cockburn Project
, then I had more pictures to get to, then there was a let down of it all being over.

I had a ton of work to do and often was not any where near my computer. We also had over 2 weeks of sunny 80 degree weather in March, and that long streak just ended a few days ago when we got a good supply of rain…now it’s sunny and 80 and the wild flowers are peaking.

But the really big thing that happened in these silents days,
I was gifted enough money from my Dad to buy a new computer!

So I was no longer just wondering what would I get if I could,
but spending days comparing and figuring out what I wanted and could afford.

I am having a local Eureka business build it for me, they built our first (this one) over 5 years ago, and we trust and like them. Yes I will pay more than at Dell, or if I knew how to put one together myself, but customer support and supporting the local economy is a big deal to me.

I have spent hours reading and comparing between LCD and CRT monitors. I guess I will just have to make the jump and hope for the best. I am going for a 19″ LCD, (more specs later) this will be interesting getting used to for web design. Not to mention I will finally have XP Pro, (which I don’t really know if that’s a good thing?) I’ll be going from a W98 233 to P4 3.2 🙂
Lots of learning curves in here.

I will also finally have a cd burner, in the Sony DVD burner,
and all the learning how to’s that go along with that. So I expect that once the system is here, I will be spending lots of hours just finding my way around it. Too bad there is still no high speed here, unless you count satellite.

And because we live in a very small one room home while our house in the hills is being built, we have to take apart a wall of shelves (15′) worth, and reconfigure, so the old computer can go into that corner and Russel will have his own space.

This is a major undertaking as the house in the hills is not yet fully painted or ready to ‘store’ things in without having to move everything later. So I am busily trying to get certain spaces done out there to put up/ buy shelving for.

In case you wonder, Russel is about the same. He had 2 really bad feeling weeks, but the last 2 days he has felt somewhat better, not that ‘it’ is gone, just not dominating all. I spoke with his SF VA doctor over 2 weeks ago, who was supposed to send different meds (mostly allergy stuff and prednisone) again, and he was supposed to set up a pain clinic appointment, none of which has happened.
We are frustrated. We are getting a copy of his records from the VA, and I hope he decides to see some one else, who will be willing to look them over and not ask that ALL THOSE TESTS BE DONE AGAIN!