Going to Michigan …

for Christmas to visit Dad & the rest of the family. Currently it is 29 degrees there, and snow flurries. Now to many people that is warm/balmy/ok with them type of weather, but I moved away from Michigan and then Colorado because I didn’t want to handle the cold, snow bitter freezing winds.

Any way, I am sure I will be indoors for the most part, and it looks as if the flight day will be clear of any disrupting weather, that’s a good thing. This flight, takes us from Sacramento (5 hour drive from here) to St.Paul/Minneapolis to change planes for Detroit. I have never done that route when flying before.

I am hoping I can connect while there and blog, upload pictures, but don’t know if I will be able too.

I am excited to see Dad, and the whole family. I actually like most of my family, of course living on the other side of the country helps with that i am sure :).

To all who come to visit here, Happy Holidays to you all. May you be warm, dry, safe and prosperous in the new year. I will be back before NYE.