Painting on Silk – Margriet Seinen

I went to a Margriet Seinen’s Painting a Mandala on Silk workshop last weekend. I didn’t know but one day in advance that I was going, so I had no thought to what I would do. I do not draw. I do not paint. It was challenging and totally fun.

This is something I would encourage anyone to do. It is empowering and did I say, Fun! Watching the dye/paint go onto and over the silk is very mesmerizing and the whole process could be addicting.

Even though I didn’t do what I ‘thought I wanted, in design or color’ … this is what came out of that:

Mandala - Painting with silk dye

The colors here aren’t quite bright enough … and I have it on my wall, but I need to stretch the silk and get it framed. And I hope to do this workshop again. For that matter, I would love to learn the mixing of dyes for the colors I really want to use, so I may pick up some dyes, resist, silk and frames so I can play with this at home!

I also got my beads out, and repaired a necklace last week. This of course inspired me to want to start beading again. (a very old page with some of my beads and baskets photos)

I am going to be laying out a palette of beads soon. I hope to work with 14s (very small) but will probably start with 11s, as I have tons of them to work with.

Need to book a flight to Michigan soon. Thinking of end of June – early July for 10 days or more. Just thinking of flying again gave me a disturbing dream/nightmare last night. I just hate giving all that control to these people who ‘claim they are making me safe’. Oh well, I will work on letting go of that stress!!