Bruce Cockburn at Kate Wolf — tomorrow

Right now it is 102.9 and rising in the shade!! (make that 103.3 !!!)
Yikes.. and it’s been like this for a few days with more to come..
yea right – there is no global warming. It is quite scarey danger just from walking on the parched earth!!

The heat will keep me from going to Kate Wolf Memorial Music Festival early in the day… just won’t be able to handle the heat.

We will get there later in the day… it still will be hot, but coming down.. Bruce doesn’t come on until 8:30.

Bruce Cockburn ticket for Kate Wolf festival
CockburnProject in anticipation of the new cd release to happen in a couple of weeks. The tour has already started, I will be writing a review of the show, if I get it together. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new CD –
Life Short Call Now, which should be here any day, to write a review and well just to hear it!!

Still not operating at 100%, but getting better, the tonsillectomy kicked my ass for sure.

Russel went to the bay area for a few days for Aikido, he really needed to do that, as he missed his annual Aikido retreat here with his teacher Frank Doran Sensei, while I was recovering from the surgery.

We have full week ahead of different projects to do here. And I need to focus back in on