Perfume Rant

My Rant on Perfumes

Let me preface this with : I am not trying to offend any one.

That ‘Crazy Neighbor Lady’ [ blog no longer active ] got to me thinking about my nose, and how ‘scents’ can overpower me more often than not these days. The last few years have left me gagging when I am out in public, and breathing what most people think are ‘wonderful scents’… their perfumes, colonges, after shaves, what ever. Sometimes I actually have to leave the area and get real air. I believe they don’t mean to offend, hurt or overpower any one, but usually they do.

Last weekend at the movies (LOTR_ROTK), we were seated for 20 minutes and lights out, when someone wafted into the theater and sat right in front of me… i had to keep something over my nose to thin the toxic plumes. Headache. (full house or i would have moved).

Went to laundromat as early as i could (7am), no one there, owner shows up about 8… and lord what she wears makes my eyes tear up and throat close. How do people ‘live’ with themselves? It stinks and hurts so bad.

So this happens most any time I go out in public. I never used to be sensitive to the odors, I actually like essential oils scents, if they aren’t applied with a heavy hand.

When you take into account the scenting of everything from bath soap to garbage bags, to perfumes, hair products, laundry products, one person could have a combination of several odors coming off them, and it ain’t a good smell, so they add more.

Any way, maybe this will be a heads up to some, that a little is plenty too much and that often what they think makes them smell good is actually causing someone pain and suffering… lighten it up please!


4 thoughts on “Perfume Rant

  1. barry

    saturday – 17 january 2004 – 02:20 pm

    Hi Bobbi — I agree with you, the stench of perfume can be overwhelming. And to think, I used to use patchouli, and vetiver, and myrrh, and and and… I guess I’ve been there, done that. I too am startled frequently by passing strangers. And now I think I’ll go out in the yard and smell my violets, which are blooming nicely, and have never, ever, offended!

  2. bobbi

    on saturday – 17 january 2004 – 04:27 pm

    HI Barry!! yeah I used to do the patchouli thing too, and other essential oil blends, like Chinese Rain and such. They don’t bother me, even now. I wish I could say that about other perfumes though!
    Yes… violets..
    feeling a bit like spring around here isn’t it?

  3. jann

    jann said: on monday – 19 january 2004 – 08:11 am
    Oh girl … do I relate!

    I used to travel via airplane many thousands of miles per year. It was inevitable that if a woman with big black Fendi glasses, too much face foundation, bright orange lipstick (much of it worn ON her teeth) and twenty jingle-jangle bracelets were to board the plane … she would be assigned to the seat next to me. Of course, she would be heavily scented with a combined stench of old tobacco and wine and some sort of strong perfume that would hang over her like a veil.

    I, in turn, would spend the entire flight with the air vent blowing right in my face leaving me with a stiff neck and painful sinuses. If I did not employ the direct air method, I would eventually find myself getting airsick due to her cloying presence.

    Odd, but this has happened to me SOOOO many times.

    That, or the guy with the open shirt exposing too much chest, gold chains and the requisite pinkie ring … who has drenched himself in way too much Polo and he warns people he is coming (via scent) long before he walks into the plane.

    I will not even let my Mother wear perfume while riding with me in my car. Uggggh … too much.

  4. admin Post author

    bobbi said: on monday – 19 january 2004 – 09:30 am

    :our air space: too bad we can’t control it better.

    While in Michigan over the holidays this was quite the test. My Dad sometimes wears something that smells toxic too me, he thinks it’s great. But they had lightened up on some of the other scents they used, so it wasn’t as bad as the last visit.

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