Year of the Monkey


Google even recognized it!

Googles Year of the Monkey

The last Monkey year was 1992, I remember it well.
I do hope for Russel and I that this one goes a bit smoother.

Waves HI! to a special Monkey person 🙂

Chinese Astrology is fascinating to me, as is what we know as regular Astrology. There is a ton of info on the web, I would type up what my books say, but Hey.. I am not that great or fast a typist 🙂

To celebrate the New Year, we did a bit of work on our house. We added shelving to a closet, so now it can really be put to use. And I bought a gallon of YELLOW semi-gloss paint for the back hallway. It’s bright and deep color, no pastels here, but I think I will love it once I get it on the walls, that’s the plan on Saturday.