Homestead Update

In other life, I am done with the major painting of the interior, still have touch ups to do and certain access areas.

We got the prefab (cheap) 10′ counter and sink installed last week in the kitchen. Still have to hook up to the drain on that.

Because we don’t have real cabinets I am having to do the curtain thing around the bottom –ugh– but Hey! ya do what ya gotta do. Having a working sink in the kitchen it worth it!

The main room floor is still not painted and it doesn’t look like that will happen this summer either. We have made a lot of head way towards living there more full time this winter though.

I will be there a lot, without the computer for at least the first few months, so that isn’t something I look forward too on that level, but again, it’s what has to happen to move things along.

Any way..sorry it took so long to post. I am just fried and tired and hormonal and busy.