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Photo Albums are now Posts

After much tweaking of WordPress and Photospace codes, I have made the photo albums POSTS not PAGES. This way they show up in the news feed// or on the home page. Think I am good to go — to get scanning all the oldie but goodie photos and get them up here for all to enjoy. LOL.


Updated WordPress to 3.5

Well finally this blog has a current/new theme that is working – Twenty Twelve and I just upgraded WordPress core to 3.5 and see no problems!
Now I just need to update core in all my other installs of WordPress.. and then I should have some time to start adding photo galleries to this site.
This is all good.

And yesterday I looked at this site on a 7″ tablet to see how responsive Twenty Twelve was and it worked great, although the sidebar images did seem to ‘squish’ a bit. Will have to ask about that. And I looked around the web as well and found out that the simple white background shows up soooo much better on the tablets and phone, that if your audience uses those handhelds, then keep it simple for them.


New Theme Twenty Twelve with some tweaks

I have been working on customizing ever so slightly the default WordPress theme Twenty Twelve, and finally put it on this site.
I will have many more tweaks to do, but all seems to be functioning well at this point.

I wanted to get in in place and test here before the roll out of WordPress 3.5 which is imminent, to make sure if there were problems I could isolate to theme or core functions.

I also intend to start a photo gallery on this site, which will happen slowly as I scan old images and clean them up. I have another site with a photo gallery as well, and that one will become live again just after 3.5 rolls out.

I may be switching back and forth a bit to the older theme, as I figure out a few things.


Estelle 2012 Site Live

I got this site up a few weeks ago, there’s still content to add but it is functioning and Estelle can do updates herself because it is built on WordPress, which frees me up a bit from the tedious day to day stuff.

Estelle 2012 - Estelle Fennell for District 2 Supervisor Humboldt County

Now I need to find or make a theme for this blog, my business site, and 2 other sites in pre-production.
Meanwhile spring is coming on fast and the gardens are calling.


Upgrading WordPress to 3.3

Hopefully this will not be a problem, this is an old theme and one I had intended long ago to replace and just haven’t found the time.
So lots hope the upgrade doesn’t bork this .. and if it does, well I will be back to fix after I get all the other WP installs I have for clients done.

Well it works!