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Ter is Visiting!

I have an E-friend, Terry, who I met through my old friend from the Boulder days, TR, who now lives in Florida, he connected us years ago, (they are a couple) and we have been emailing and now Facebooking for almost 10 years! She was in Washington state, heading south, so I encouraged a visit.
It was wonderful having her here, meeting her was like greeting an old friend, which I guess we are, but we only talked on the phone once or twice in all that time and this was the first face to face.. it went so good. She is always welcome here.
She slept outside in the screen house / tent with her very old small dog.
It was also the first time anyone has stayed with us longer than over night. I felt like this has opened the door to that, especially if they are into camping. (no more dogs here though.. just doesn’t work for me).
The one room house doesn’t really afford anyone the amount of privacy they would want for any long term stay inside.
She stayed 6 days, it was hard to have her leave. We both got great massages the last couple of days she was here.
There was no lack of conversation, and I feel we barely scratched the surface and hope that she will put us on her list of ‘must visit’ folks when she is traveling.


See that jacket she is wearing? I went through a few containers of my Guatemalan clothes & tipica, she became the proud owner of several items. The same with my ‘too small for me to wear’ batik rayon dresses and some other clothes. It was good to pass some of this on to someone who really appreciates it. I just never got around to Ebay-ing the items, it just seems like too much work for the return.