Gall Bladder Removed

Those that know me know I have been struggling with digestive problems for quite awhile. Things really started ramping up almost 2 years ago. Since that post I also have had several ‘up all night with incredible pain’ attacks that I supposed was the gall bladder passing stones. Well finally got that ultra sound done and yep.. a very sick gall bladder.

So on 19 November 2012, I had it removed, laparoscopic surgery.

It’s been 2 weeks now and the small incisions are mostly healed, and the soreness is going away.

As to what foods I can eat without pain, well the fact is I also have inflammation (gastritis) of my stomach lining due to use of Advils over a very long period of time. This was one reason it was so hard to diagnose just what was going on with me. So I still am off coffee, chocolate, spicy food, and fried foods. I have to be careful with onions, garlic and peppers, but I am not giving them up.

They say that the lining will heal with the use of PPI (prilosec type drugs) and I have been using that one for awhile. It will be wonderful to be able to go to a potluck or out to eat and not be afraid of food. At least now I can eat knowing I won’t have one of those horrendous gall bladder attacks ever again!


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